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Mar 2022 | Oyna Men at Mizaj

CDSS are delighted to announce the installation of Oyna for Men at Mizaj Designer Studio who specialize in special occasions wear.  Located at the famous G N Shetty Road in Chennai among major brands, Mizaj are leading the innovation in customer experience. Customers shopping at Mizaj Designer Studio for Suits, Sherwanis and Shirts/Trousers can instantly ….  Read More

Sep 2021 | OYNA launched for Retailers

01 Sep 2021 is a remarkable day for CDSS, OYNA & Fabric Retail.  CDSS formally launched OYNA in an exclusive event at the exquisite BUVA HOUSE in Chennai.  This was an invitation-only event for Retail Business Owners and Opinion Makers in the media world.  Shri Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti graced the occasion by inaugurating the 2 ….  Read More

Aug 2021 | OYNA Real is now a Reality

From day 1, OYNA was meant to transform In-Store shopping experience of customers when they by Fabric, especially Sarees.  The product road map has now accomplished this important milestone. Customers shopping for Fabric can have full 3D experience of wearing the Fabric in a near-real representation.  Also, we had evolved the techniques that we had ….  Read More

Aug 2021 | OYNA Gateway implemented

From start, OYNA team had been conscious about sustainability & viability of OYNA whilst in Operations.  The back-office scanning & loading of Fabric textures is crucial for OYNA.  Most likely they are likely at physical locations much away from the Retail Store front where OYNA is experienced by customers.  In cases where there are multi ….  Read More

Aug 2020 | OYNA E Com variant implemented

In principle OYNA was purpose built as an In-Store 3D experience transformer solution for customers shopping fabrics such as Saree, Sherwani, Shirts & Trousers.  It was natural for the OYNA team to enable the online experience of customers given that a sizeable segment of shopping experience can be 3D enabled.  Online customers can now view ….  Read More

July 2020 | OYNA Sales & Marketing Channels confirmed

CDSS are pleased to announced the signing up of a specialist marketing agency in the apparels segment.  We are glad about this announcement.  OYNA is set to bring about a new factor in Fabric Retail to the Retailers & their customers in addition to the normal factors such as Design, Ambience, Customer Service & Price.  ….  Read More