Aug 2020 | OYNA E Com variant implemented

In principle OYNA was purpose built as an In-Store 3D experience transformer solution for customers shopping fabrics such as Saree, Sherwani, Shirts & Trousers.  It was natural for the OYNA team to enable the online experience of customers given that a sizeable segment of shopping experience can be 3D enabled.  Online customers can now view the draped fabric in 3D that can be rotated by 360 degrees.

The OYNA ECom variant comes as a plugin that Retailers can opt to add onto their existing Ecommerce portals, thus the overall Ecommerce solution of Retailers are retained such as data, security, navigation, payments continue business as usual.  As for those who are not yet Ecommerce enabled, we can set up the Ecommerce platform (as additional services) with OYNA plugin.