Mar 2020 | OYNA Beam rolled out

OYNA is implemented in a few variants.  They are OYNA Beam, OYNA Boutique, OYNA Ecom and OYNA Cloud.  OYNA Beam represents features to drape a saree on a 3D Digital Mannequin or 3D Brand Ambassador.

OYNA Beam incorporates a digital billboard with Digital Mannequin draped with Saree (Fabric) of choice of the Retailer.  A typical mannequin in a store is generally draped with merchandize once a week with few mannequin in a store.  OYNA Beam  incorporates Billboard features where as many Saree can be draped.  Moreover, during shopping experience the customer can view the selected Saree as draped on-demand.

OYNA Beam was launched mid Mar 2020 and soon after due to Covid19 lockdown, there has been a setback in reaching the markets, but we are proceeding with R&D of other variants.